NFC IDEAS App 2.3.2 - New Features

Write Wi-Fi NFC Tags

Write Wi-Fi NFC Tags in the Mac application to compliment the Mobile iOS App. Simple create an NFC Wi-Fi record instance, then Write a Tag on your desired NFC Tag Technology.  Once complete, you can read this Wi-Fi Credential into the iPhone to perform Wi-Fi Handover operations.  This makes it easy to share your Wi-Fi Access Point with friends and visitors.

Wi-Fi Tag Handover

Wi-Fi Tag handover has been added to the NFC IDEAS App.  This feature provides the facility to Join a WiFi network by simply reading an NFC Tag.  As demonstrated below, the App will prompt to Join the Wi-Fi.  

As a cool little extension, you can share this Wi-Fi network with others by clicking on the Share link.  Upon receipt of this link, others can click on the "SSID: <Name>" link to perform the same operation on their iOS device.

Bluetooth Decoding

Bluetooth Tag decoding has been added into the App.  This allows you to read the Bluetooth Tag embedded in a device.  It will provide you with Name, Address, Bluetooth Services and Major/Minor device information.

Enhanced Sharing

A new approach to sharing gives you the power to share the decoded view with anyone on any web enabled platform.  This will permit you and your friends to enjoy more NFC discoveries together! 

We hope you enjoy the new features, and always look forward to hearing your NFC IDEAS.

Best Regards,
Rob Jones

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