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NFC IDEAS App 2.2 - New Features

A new set of features is now available in the NFC IDEAS App for iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7/8 plus and iPhone X. Contacts & vCard If an NFC tag containing a vCard is scanned, the iOS contacts view will be presented displaying the content of the vCard.  This feature makes it possible to quickly share NFC business cards or media encoded with vCard information with others.  The contacts view can message, call, share contact, navigate and more with this data. The NFC IDEAS Mac app  makes it easy to encode contacts on NFC tags, or NFC enabled business cards.  Sharing Native iOS sharing is built into the Scan and History views.  The app makes it possible to share the NFC content or payloads with others to message, e-mail, use social media and more.  Safari Native iOS Safari is built into the app.  To use the this feature open the Preferences, and turn on the Use Safari switch (green).  Then scanning an NFC tag which contains a URL link will trigger the integrated Safar