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NFC IDEAS App 2.3.2 - New Features

Write Wi-Fi NFC Tags Write Wi-Fi NFC Tags in the Mac application to compliment the Mobile iOS App. Simple create an NFC Wi-Fi record instance, then Write a Tag on your desired NFC Tag Technology.  Once complete, you can read this Wi-Fi Credential into the iPhone to perform Wi-Fi Handover operations.  This makes it easy to share your Wi-Fi Access Point with friends and visitors. Wi-Fi Tag Handover Wi-Fi Tag handover has been added to the NFC IDEAS App.  This feature provides the facility to Join a WiFi network by simply reading an NFC Tag.  As demonstrated below, the App will prompt to Join the Wi-Fi.   As a cool little extension, you can share this Wi-Fi network with others by clicking on the Share link.  Upon receipt of this link, others can click on the " SSID: <Name> " link to perform the same operation on their iOS device. Bluetooth Decoding Bluetooth Tag decoding has been added into the App.  This allows you to read the Bluetooth Tag embedded