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NFC IDEAS iOS11 beta available for download

Hi, The NFC IDEAS iOS app with CoreNFC Framework integration has been approved by Apple, and is now available for download from TestFlight.  To participate in the beta, just tweet  us your email, or send email to . This enables your device to read NFC tags without a peripheral device. You will need to update your iPhone7 or iPhone 7 Plus device to iOS 11.  Apple released iOS 11 for public beta on Monday, June 26, 2017.  Go to the  Apple Beta Software Program  for information on joining the program. Once you are added to the NFC IDEAS beta program, an e-mail from Apple TestFlight with information to install the NFC IDEAS iOS App will be sent to you.  The e-mail body will appear as follows: We are excited to share our updated App with you, and look forward to hearing your NFC IDEAS. Best Regards, Rob Jones Founder, NFC IDEAS, LLC w: e: t:

Nfc Ideas around the world

Today, I glanced at our app activity, and was inspired by all the places around the globe where NFC is happening.  It is amazing to see that NFC tags are being read and written in all these places.  Everyday we see new downloads and people getting engaged with this technology. Click on the map image for an interactive map to see where Nfc Ideas are happening around the world. Best Regards, Rob Jones Founder, NFC IDEAS, LLC w: e: t:

NFC Tag Reader/Writer Hardware

The iOS Core NFC Framework limits the iPhone to read-only operations of NFC Tags and devices.  To write NFC Tags for use with the iPhone, or other NFC reader device, you can use an USB NFC Reader/Writer device attached to your Mac. We have been overwhelmed with downloads and interest in the NFC Mac App since the announcement of iPhone support for NFC. The following set of NFC Readers can be used with the Mac App. ACS (Advanced Card Systems) ACS ACR122U (NFC Type I-IV, DESFire, MIFARE) ACS ACR1252U (NFC Type I-IV, DESFire, MIFARE) ACS ACR1255U-J1 (NFC Type I-IV, DESFire, MIFARE) HID Global HID OMNIKEY 5022 (NFC Type II & Type IV, DESFire, MIFARE) IDENTIVE IDENTIVE uTrust 370x (NFC Type II & Type IV, DESFire, MIFARE) This list is limited by verification testing, and unique engineering necessary to interoperate with the hardware. These readers are readily available on Amazon, or direct-from manufacturer outlets. The Mac App is a nice compliment to t

Nfc Ideas now on Mac App Store

The NFC IDEAS Mac App (OSX) is published to the Mac App Store.   To find the app, simply go to the home page, and click on the Mac App Store link. Or, on your Mac open up the App Store, and search for "nfc" or "nfcideas".  Or, click on Developer Tools link to find it. The application has a full set of features that will enable you to read and write NFC tags. For developers and NFC enthusiasts, the app is a nice compliment to Apple's newly announced support for NFC in the iPhone. Stay tuned, we are busy working on new features to enhance the application. Best Regards, Rob Jones Founder, NFC IDEAS, LLC w: e: t:

Apple iOS Core NFC

Hello World!  NFC just had this moment on the iOS operating system.  You can mark Monday, June 5, 2017 as this moment.   This moves NFC along the way to becoming ubiquitous interaction technology in our homes, workplaces, shopping centers, and with people and things. Apple quietly announced the Core NFC Framework in the developer tool documentation. The Core NFC Framework adds Tag Reader capability to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices.  This feature enables an iPhone to surface an NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) message from an NFC tag or device that responds to this I/O request. Apple has supported the NFC protocol with the introduction of Apple Pay for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, launched on September 19, 2014.  Apple Pay employs NFC Card Emulation standard to interact with payment terminals, vending machines, ticketing terminals and more to exchange secure EMVco Credit Card transaction data. Nfc Ideas has been committed to the Apple ecosystem for a long-